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Angela Kaufman : Entering the Air Age 

What the focus on Aquarian Energy Means for the next 20 years and beyond.

Winter Solstice 2020 marked the closest conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in 800 years. While this event was much hyped and anticipated, the true impact of this celestial event lies in the shift to the era of Air from the era of Earth. Learn what this means in terms of health, wellness, finances, spirituality and more. No Astrology experience required.

Annie Zimbel: Illuminating the Shadow

Journeys of Healing Through Art

Humans. Complex creatures. Some Monsters? Some Angels? Some Muggles? Whoever you are….you have broken bits, glittery bits, festering bits, bits you refuse to accept… and even hidden bits you don’t even know about yet. Multi-disciplinary artisan, Annie Zimbel leads us through the Dark, and challenges us to embrace our Shadow Selves. Through the whimsy of child’s play and the grace of magical practices…..she illuminates many ways for us to use the path of creativity to heal our bits. Join her in this informative workshop to access the power of allowing yourself to not be perfect, dig in, and make things happen. The World needs your WHOLE Self.

Diana Rajchel : Am I Cursed or is it Just Gas?

This workshop:  Acknowledges that fully understanding and assessing the possibility of a curse requires a global perspective; Uses divination, especially tarot, to identify whether a curse is afoot; Establishes a basic protocol for responding rather than reacting to deliberate, directed negative energy; Outlines attacks by spirits, why they happen, and how to address them; and Shows which spiritual attacks almost always require outside help and what steps to take in order to obtain that help.

Diana Rajchel : Managing Your Magickal Menagerie (PANEL)

Emperor Norton Magickal People social is part of an increasing number of “all walks” organizations encouraging Pagans and non-Pagan magickal practitioners to come together in real life for exchange of ideas, community support, and magical innovations. Nikki, Diana, and Oneyda discuss what they have learned about managing not just a group founded in diversity of beliefs, but in making it a welcoming and supporting space also for BIPOC and the challenges confronted in choosing to “differently organize” along the way.

Diana Rajchel : Urban Magic

Learn the fundamental reasons to work with urban magick and how you can use the urban to connect more deeply to nature and the creative forces of city life. Using animistic principles, Diana Rajchel shows how to start a conversation with both the city spirit and the land spirit/genius loci to work magick with what surrounds you and to build a cooperative relationship with these entities as you walk your own life and spiritual paths.

Ivo Dominquez Jr: Creating Pathworkings And Visualizations

You have probably been in many rituals or workings that made use of pathworkings and probably will be again. Wouldn’t you like to make better use of such a powerful and popular practice? This workshop gives essential pointers on their crafting and on their use your rituals and meditations. In addition to acting as a part of ritual or contemplative work, the power of the inner eye and the imagination can be activated and refined by the use of pathworkings and visualizations. We will explore other alternative uses of pathworkings and visualizations as well.

Ivo Dominquez Jr: The Nature Of Karma And Such

Causality and synchronicity are intertwined in both linear and non-linear ways that result in consequences that are sometimes called karma, wyrd, and so on. For the sake of simplicity I will just use the word karma. Much is said of karma in spiritual and magickal communities, but little is said of its metaphysical structure or mechanism of action. This talk explores how karma arises from the web of life and is bound by the same metaphysical laws that govern magick. By viewing karma from this perspective, new insights on spiritual development are gained. The relationships between individual and group karma will also be clarified.

Jennifer Martinez: Manifestation Yoga

Manifestation Yoga is a slow, meditative sequence inviting one to visualize their intentions into present being. Adaptable for all levels. No props necessary, but a block, blanket or a bolster can be beneficial.

Jennifer Martinez: Moon Salutations

A slow, meditative moon salutation flow inviting one to experience the lunar cycles in one’s body. Adaptable for all levels. No props necessary, but a block, blanket or a bolster can be beneficial

Jennifer Medway: The Foundations of Sanse 

Sanse originated in Puerto Rico and is comprised of Espiritismo, 21 Divisiones, Taino practices, and brujeria. Sansistas serve the Lwa who bestow protection, prosperity, health, and many other blessings. This class explores the origins, history, basic tenets, practices, ceremonies, and seven divisions of Sanse. Participants will learn about the Lwa, their feast days, altars, colors, offerings, lore, and how to begin a relationship with them before a Sanse baptism. We will also explore working with ancestors and the commissions of spirit guides. During class, participants will make products for engaging with the spirits.

Jennifer Medway: Ancestral Healing

Ancestor veneration is the foundation of many Afro-Caribbean spiritual traditions. Espiritistas refer to them as los muertos, and in Haitian Vodou, they are the zansyet yo. In Lukumi and Santeria, Ancestors or eggun receive service before the Orisha. Elevating ancestors clears their paths, heals ancestral trauma, and gives them more power that they can use to bless their descendants. Ancestors can help heal relationships, remove blockages and obstacles, provide direction, find lost objects, and teach lessons. When beginning to practice these traditions, one’s first service should be to the ancestors because they are essential for spiritual development. During this presentation, participants learn how to set up an ancestor altar, serve their ancestors, and work with and receive messages from them. Sancista Jennifer shows participants how to elevate and heal ancestors and make an oil and incense for engaging with their spirits.⁣

Lisa McSherry: Getting Started in the Craft

Are you a newcomer to witchcraft? Interested in exploring the mysteries and magick of being a witch? No idea of where to start and confused by the overwhelming amount of material available? This presentation is for you – or anyone who’s been asked by others how to get started. I have been teaching a “witchcraft 101” class for more than two decades and want to share my experience with you! We’ll begin with the two external things to do at the outset of your journey, then look at the three internal ones that are just as important. From there the journey can become individual and we’ll look at how to decide where to go next, from Deity to rituals and everything in between. Being a witch is a glorious, fulfilling spiritual practice, let’s get started!

Lisa McSherry: Seeking Magick Online

The pandemic has shifted many witches away from physical interactions and into cyberspace. Newcomers may ask: can a transformative spiritual practice like witchcraft take place online? I’ve been working virtually for more than two decades and have definite opinions about what to look for in a healthy magickal group. Join me for an informative presentation that begins with a look at the pros, and cons of virtual magick and how a newcomer might consider their needs and expectations before setting out. We’ll briefly look at how to find a magickal group or teacher who works online. The discussion will include a list of warning signs of a predatory leader or group gone bad so that your experience has the best possible chance of turning out well.

Nancy Antenucci: Entering One Card – Creating your Organic Foundation of the Tarot

There are many layers in the perception of Tarot. There are centuries old definitions as well glimmers of mystery that shine thru. This workshop will give you a strong template in creating your own “book of definitions”. It is a clear system of five different processes to incorporate that results in an organic and unshakable foundation of your own.

EmerysAnu’s Ethics Playground: Indoctrination and Radicalization

Over the past several years we have seen the rise of radicalization around the world. It permeates multiple ideologies and belief systems. We see it in politics, religion, conspiracy theories and more. While most of us sit back and shake our heads, the truth is, anyone can be indoctrinated and radicalized. I just takes the right buttons at the right time. In this 90 minute session, Chris and I will discuss just what is indoctrination and radicalization. We’ll talk about how people become radicalized and what that looks like –not just on the TV news but in smaller ways as well. We’ll talk about radicalization across centuries, from the Crusades to Twitter. And we’ll talk about what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a victim of toxic groups that seek to exploit.

Scott Stenwick: Enochian Magick

The Enochian magical system created by John Dee and Edward Kelley in sixteenth-century England has influenced modern magical practice in many significant ways. The original Golden Dawn order integrated Enochian symbolism into their magical system. Aleister Crowley employed Enochian methods to scry the thirty Aethyrs (or Aires) of the system, and his visions from those sessions inform some of the key tenets of Thelema. Today magicians work with both the version of the system assembled by the Golden Dawn and elaborated upon by Crowley, and a more “Purist” approach working with the system as Dee and Kelley received it and treating it as part of the Renaissance grimoire tradition. This presentation will provide an overview of this influential system of magick and its three key components –the Heptarchia Mystica, the four Watchtowers (or Castles), and the thirty Aires (or Aethyrs). It will cover the origin of the system in the context of the Renaissance worldview in which it was received and explain how to work with Enochian magick in practical terms.

Tara Callaghan: Creating Rituals for Personal and Community Grief Work – NEW!

In times of grief, we often lose our focus and grounding. Time slips by and we feel unmoored, disconnected from each other and sometimes ourselves. Creating rituals from the smallest daily act to community-wide events can help us find our footing and, eventually, put us on the path of healing. Learn some techniques you can use to bring meaningful grief work to your personal life and to others.


Wendy Rule Concert – NEW!

Australian visionary songstress Wendy Rule brings her subtle textures that reference her early life as
a jazz singer in her home town of Melbourne, and the trademark dark, gothic soundscapes and souring vocals of her previous 7 major albums, Wendy has always carved a unique and individual path. Since the release of her first album Zero in 1996, she has defied categorization, always walking to the beat of her own drum. Combining elements of gothic, folk, world, ambient and cabaret music, and crossing over into Pagan and New Age categories with her many mythological, esoteric, and ritual references, Wendy is as individual as she is prolific.