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Divination/Healing Room

The Divination and Healing Room is on the first floor in Board Room 2, in between the Vendor Room and the Art Show, adjacent to programming areas. The room will be divided into cubicles by pipe and drape and so each space is fairly private, but will not be soundproof.

Each divination space is approximately 7′ x 10′ and will come with one table and several chairs. Divination can be anything from tarot and runes to psychic readings to astrology and numerology charts.

The healing spaces are slightly larger at 8′ x 11′ and will have a massage table and a couple of chairs, but if you need any specialized equipment, you will need to bring all that with you and remove it from the space when you leave. Healing can consist of massage, Reiki, sound healing, acupressure, etc. You will need to know what the licensing requirements are for your particular modality in the city of Plymouth (if any) and have it available to view on request.

The spaces are rented out in 2 hour blocks for $10 per block ($5 per hour). You can sign up for multiple shifts over the weekend. You are responsible for setting your own rates and collecting payment.

The Divination and Healing Room is open 12pm-6pm on Friday, 10am-6pm on Saturday, and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

Some things you need to know:
~The room is separated into cubicles by pipe and drape, so will be private, but not soundproof.
~A schedule of the readers/healers available will be published in our program guide and posted outside the room.
~Chairs will be provided in all spaces and a table in the divination spaces, but all other items needed must be provided by you and removed at the end of your shift.


Contact “healing” at with any questions about the Divination/Healing Room.